Airbnbs with Hollywood vibes in Seattle, WA

Take a walk on the wild side in this Jurassic-themed home.
Take a walk on the wild side in this Jurassic-themed home. | Photo via Airbnb

Every vacation deserves to be epic. But this summer, there are several Airbnbs in Seattle or within driving distance that give off Hollywood vibes

Even if you’re working on an indie budget, you can plan a blockbuster getaway based on whatever style of pop culture phenomenon you’re into. Bust out the popcorn for these studio-worthy accommodations.

Jurassic Retreat | $400 per night

Absolutely dino-mite. A house in Washougal has decked out its entire space with “Jurassic Park”-like amenities, including life-sized, animatronic t-rex, velociraptor + triceratops statues — plus artwork influenced by the movie franchise. Security cameras face those fake dinosaurs because, well… ya never know. 

The Boeing Bunker | $199 per night

Located in Seattle, this basement rental room for “Top Gun” fans has aviation-themed decor inspired by Boeing Field. It’s also conveniently located about 15 minutes from Sea-Tac, in case you need a crash pad on a long layover. 

The Starrett House | $195 per night

Have you checked out “Scream 5”? It’s got nothing on this historic, Victorian house in Port Townsend, which is purported to be haunted by the original owners — and their nanny. There’s a free-floating spiral staircase leading up to a fresco painting of the four seasons, setting the stage for all manner of spirited stays.

This quaint Hobbit hole will have you squealing, “My precious.”
This quaint Hobbit hole will have you squealing, “My precious.” | Photo via Airbnb

Underground Hygge | $400 per night

If you’d rather rewatch “Lord of the Rings” at home, maybe this quiet Hobbit hole in Orondo is for you. The cottage is literally carved into a Columbia River Gorge mountainside and has six acres to explore. You’d have to get on a waiting list this summer, but winter retreats + 2023 dates are available.

Valhalla Suite

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is on the way to big screens, but you can live out your biggest Norse god fantasies in Leavenworth at this log cabin decked out in Scandinavian furnishings. As befitting the mighty Avenger, this spot overlooks the Enchantments — and is just two miles from a whole bunch of beer halls.