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Gabe Guarente

Senior City Editor

Gabe is based in Seattle (originally from New Jersey), and has previously been a food writer at Eater, a sports reporter, and a YA graphic novelist. You’ll probably find him scouting out the latest restaurant in town on the weekends, or strolling around the streets of White Center with his feisty pup, Armando.

You may not even need a car.
Many companies are all-in on the hybrid work model.
The longtime ‘renegade’ marching band will play with similar groups at Honk! Fest West.
Mayor Bruce Harrell calls the renewed idea for downtown transit a “Culture Connector.”
They’ve all got the meats (and condiments)
Pack your reusable shopping bags, because we’ve rounded up 12 farmers markets around Seattle.
The Council said it would protect up to 10x the number of trees as the previous ordinance.
It’s packed with sugar and star power.
Its locally produced music and talk shows have been going strong since the 90s.
Good news for Seattle.
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