Gabe Guarente headshot

Gabe Guarente

Senior City Editor

Gabe is based in Seattle (originally from New Jersey), and has previously been a food writer at Eater, a sports reporter, and a YA graphic novelist. You’ll probably find him scouting out the latest restaurant in town on the weekends, or strolling around the streets of White Center with his feisty pup, Armando.

Collections took a nearly three-year break.
So many cuisines, so little time.
It’ll stay up for the foreseeable future, despite new city banner codes.
King County’s health department has advice — and so do we.
The ‘Frasier’ reboot may be in a different city, but our hometown sitcom shrink is still a local in our eyes.
Drink great wine, soak in hot springs, and surf in a river.
There will be a celebration on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day along with new exhibits.
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