Ballard’s the Splintered Wand Opens for Wizards and Witches

A wizard hat sits atop a crystal ball in a bar with a window that says "Wands."

The bar is in Ballard’s historic Flatiron Building. | Photo via @the.splintered.wand

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Ready to be enchanted? After years of anticipation, Seattle’s first-ever wizard and witch brewpub the Splintered Wand is now open in Ballard, and we’re totally geeking out.

A sea monster skeleton looms from the rafters. Mead and absinthe flow from the bar. And those who want a custom-made wand can buy one onsite at a workshop where jars glow with ”essences” targeted to your birth month. By Gandalf’s beard, It’s basically a dream hangout for every diehard fantasy fan.

Here, we list the most spellbinding Splintered Wand features that may give the Leaky Cauldron a run for its money. 🪄

Every detail has a story

The head of a dragon named Boreas is the establishment’s mascot, and visitors can adopt orc and troll children (hand-crafted dolls) from the in-house “orphanage.” Meanwhile, the second-floor wand shop has an elaborate narrative, run by owners who stay in character as centuries-old mages. BYOC: bring your own cape. 🐉

You can make boozy “potions”

Accio awesome drinks. Instead of serving boring, Muggle-like cocktails in a glass, bartenders give patrons trays filled with various vials and other items (some flowing with dry ice), to concoct elixirs. And for customers of Hogwarts age or abstaining, there are non-alcoholic options. ⚡

A vintage absinthe glass and cocktail ware on a honey-colored counter.

Vintage glasses and absinthe fountains are on display. | Photo via @the.splintered.wand

The event space is wild

The third level, known as the Euphorium, plans to host parties, tarot readings, spellcasting classes, and other activities for kids and kids at heart, including building fairy houses. Can we have our next D&D sesh here, please? 🧚‍♂️

Portraits on the walls move, y’all

[video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

Though reservations are booked for the rest of the year, the Splintered Wand recently introduced a waitlist you can add your name to (search here), as well as a handful of early 2022 openings that will likely be snapped up quickly. Work your magic. 🔮

GIF via @the.splintered.wand

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