Cool matcha spots around Seattle

From delectable cakes to tasty teas, we’re exploring some local places to meet your matcha needs.

A paper cup that says "Altulea" on it filled with green matcha and heart-shaped latte art

Atulea is a stylish Capitol Hill cafe.

Photo via Atulea

Matcha tea goes back centuries — and Seattle has some superb spots that incorporate the powder into delicious drinks.

Here are five local shops that offer its own spin on matcha-based beverages.

Nana’s Green Tea | 1007 Stewart St., Seattle | Matcha comes in all different forms, and this shop serves them all. Order matcha-based beverages, pastries, parfaits, and soft-serve. You can even custom-order a cake to celebrate any occasion.

Try this: The Matcha Float, made with matcha-flavored ice cream and a cold matcha latte poured over ice + warabimochi.

Miro Tea | 5405 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle | This Ballard neighborhood shop specializes in loose tea leaf and made-to-order beverages, offering over 150 options to bring home or enjoy at the cafe.

Try this: The All Nighter with sweetened matcha + double espresso blended with milk.

Jardin Tea | 604 Fifth Ave. S., Seattle | This artisanal tea and coffee house inside Uwajimaya’s food court prides itself on using ceremonial-grade matcha, the high quality matcha featured in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

Try this: The Dalgona Matcha Coffee Latte made with both coffee and tea.

Atulea | 1715 12th Ave., Seattle | Swing by this matcha and boba cafe if you’re in Capitol Hill. With a menu that offers seasonal options alongside classics, it’s a great spot to grab a drink and get some work done.

Try this: The Butterfly Matcha with organic ceremonial-grade matcha, milk, mint, and butterfly pea flower tea.

Matcha Man Ice Cream & Taiyaki | 6014 12th Ave. S., Seattle| Georgetown’s sweet taiyaki spot can be fun all year round. The fish-shaped treat is great for those hotter days, but the newer addition to its menu — matcha and hojicha lattes + ceremonial matcha shots — will keep you warm in the cooler months.

Try this: The matcha + honey lavender soft serve swirl with a crispy taiyaki cone.

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