Seattle’s historic Granite Curling Club is still going strong

The ice and playing surface at the Granite Curling Club of Seattle.
The Granite Curling Club of Seattle has leagues for all skill levels. | Photo by SEAtoday staff

Sure, figure skating is cool and all, but have you checked out curling at the Winter Olympics? The sport is all about sliding smooth stones across a sheet of ice while players with brooms scream at each other. And it’s totally Seattle’s jam, thanks to the Granite Curling Club

Granite is an organization that’s been around since 1951, operating out of a spacious Haller Lake building for over 60 years. Its members have won 62 national championships, more than any curling club in the US.

Also, NBD, but member Sean Beighton is currently coaching two curling teams in Beijing, while fellow Granite alum Colin Hufman made the gold-medal-defending men’s squad as an alternate. 🥇

While some real high-level players hang out there, any Seattleite can join in on the fun — so let’s rock.

Broom for everybody 🧹

While you’ll need to schedule a visit to Granite Curling Club in advance with a reservation (and bring proof of vaccination), folks can try their hand at the sport without a huge commitment. A “Learn to Curl” class ($24 for adults, $10 for kids under 18) teaches all the basics — and registration for March starts soon.

Upcoming spring leagues that start in mid-April last ten weeks, and are for curlers of all ages and abilities. And at the beginning of each season, a novice league supports new members with continued instruction and practice games. Non-members can also book events, ice time for birthday parties + lessons for kids, too

Ain’t no party like a curling party… 🎉

…because a curling party don’t stop — and may feature kooky outfits. Players often dress up for tournaments, known as Bonspiels, with themes that have included “disco,” “80s,” and “Comic Con.”

There’s also a well-stocked bar on the second floor of the club, because grabbing a beer with teammates + your rivals is an essential part of the experience. Think of it like a bowling league — except, you know, on ice.

Thawing the Seattle freeze 🥶

The Granite Curling Club’s members are passionate about what they describe as curling’s tight-knit “community.” Mainly, the club is about generating feel-good vibes (it’s hosted clinics for veterans who are disabled), and taking pride in the quirks of what’s known as the “Roaring Game.” 

So, who’s ready to throw down?