What should Seattle’s signature cocktail be?

A view of a raspberry slushie drink with a plastic straw

The raspberry CBD slushie at Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a summer staple. | Photo by @rgbsoda via Instagram

Last week, we asked you to send in suggestions on what Seattle’s signature cocktail should be — and quite a few enticing possibilities poured in.

One reader gave a full recipe for the Red Delicious: 1 oz each of Canadian whiskey, sour apple schnapps + cranberry juice combined. Another pointed to the Purple Haze martini, which could be a tribute to Seattle-born rock legend Jimi Hendrix.

We also dug the Mountain Spritz (Rainier cherry, gin, prosecco, grapefruit juice + rosemary), and the Hot Charlotte, which was created by local mixologist extraordinaire Murray Stenson. There were also ideas that relied on names associated with the area’s aviation and nautical roots: Paper Plane + The Trident. And another reader wrote, “Anything made with Rachel’s Ginger Beer.” Perhaps a CBD slushie?

But the submission that may have been the best wasn’t even a cocktail at all, yet defined the no-frills Seattle drinking scene to a tee: Rainier + a shot of Jameson. 🥃

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