Meet the editors behind SEAtoday

Say hello to Alina Hunter-Grah + Gabe Guarente
Say hello to Alina Hunter-Grah + Gabe Guarente | Photo by SEAtoday staff

Hey Emerald City, Alina + Gabe here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing local news, events, and conversations with readers Seattle daily — here, and on social.

After three-ish months of bringing you SEAtoday, we thought we should formally introduce ourselves. Consider this us going in for a fist bump, then switching to a handshake, then settling on a hug.

Meet Alina 🫐

Q: Describe your perfect day in Seattle in the length of a Tweet.

A: Grab a Rubenstein’s bagel to go. Head out to the boat dock. Spend the day sailing in the Sound with family and a few beers. Then find a nice patio for dinner afterwards.

Q: You’re taking someone on a date in Seattle. Where are you going? 

A: If we’re talking about a dinner date, The Pink Door. Their crostini is stunning. But otherwise, I like to explore. Day trip to tide pools, anyone?

Q: What was the last thing you did downtown? 

A: Ha! Well, I live downtown, so most of the things I do are downtown. But I did take a long walk during our first snow day and got a pain au chocolat + cappuccino from Le Panier.

Meet Gabe 🕺

Q: If you were taking someone on a tour around Seattle, where are the three places you’re going?

A: I know it tends to be touristy, but Pike Place really does make me happy — particularly quirkier gems like the Giant Shoe Museum. Then it’s over to the vibrant Chinatown-International District for lunch, before hopping a water taxi to West Seattle to take in spectacular Alki beach views — and maybe a whale sighting, if we’re lucky.

Q: If Seattle has one specific dish, what would it be?

A: Every Seattleite no doubt has a favorite pho spot. Run by one of the OG families, Pho Bac Sup Shop in Little Saigon is my personal fave.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the unofficial Seattle mascot?

A: The Fremont Troll: shaggy, weird, loveable.