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“Doors Open” recently passed the county’s council.
It’s kind of our thing.
Here’s how to spot an oncoming landslide and what to do if you notice flooding.
The annual tradition goes back more than 70 years.
A local rapper stars alongside the city’s under-appreciated landmarks.
Eat and Drink
We’re building a local advent calendar.
Plan ahead for the holiday season. ❄️
The revelry starts Friday, Nov. 24 and runs through Dec. 24.
Turkey Day will be here before you know it.
Travel and Outdoors
The new trees will be joined by a plaque commemorating the cultural significance of the trees to Japanese culture.
Traverse the route from Ballard to Rainier Beach.
For all of those awkward pauses you might come across this Thanksgiving.
Real Estate
The garden is perfect for dishing tea party gossip about your suitors.
The new design will be built at the intersection of Thomas Street and Dexter Avenue North in South Lake Union.
Heartwood is an affordable housing project in Capitol Hill.
There are free spaces — you just need to know where and when to look.
The department hopes to get plans 30% completed by the end of 2023.
Seattle Public Schools will find other ways to close its deficit in the 2024-25 academic year.
The Japanese Garden and the Woodland Meadow are getting upgrades.

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