Travel and Outdoors

The Council said it would protect up to 10x the number of trees as the previous ordinance.
Its locally produced music and talk shows have been going strong since the 90s.
Here’s how to get around and enjoy some hiking and outdoor recreation, even if you don’t have your own vehicle.
It joins several other educational bee programs in the area.
Start your pedaling with guides, co-rides, a film fest, and more.
You’ll also get to enjoy the Seattle Yacht Club’s opening day parade and the Windermere’s Party on the Cut.
We’re highlighting the 25 best parks that the Seattle area has to offer — including Discovery, Woodland, and Marymoor Parks.
Those stinging suckers make for a tasty dish.
We’ve got a travel hack to make long flights more bearable — meet the Airfly wireless audio transmitter.
Britt Jezak from Port Orchard found some inspiration during a crisis.
Hit the road and head to Portland, Oregon — we’re sharing all the details about what to do and eat, plus where to stay.
You can now catch a flick for free at Seattle’s 109-year-old attraction.
From getting a permit to catering, we’ve got the details on how to plan a wedding, family reunion, or special occasion in a national park.
We take a look at our bicycling infrastructure and how we can make the area more bikeable.
Check out some of the coolest, most unique Airbnb and Vrbo rentals around Seattle and plan for your next adventure or staycation.
Apply online and visit a local enrollment center ahead of spring and summer travel.
From cost to van maintenance, the local pros at King County Metro answer our most pressing questions about vanpooling in Seattle.
We’re answering questions like “What is composting?” and “How do I compost in an apartment?”
It’ll stay up for the foreseeable future, despite new city banner codes.
Drink great wine, soak in hot springs, and surf in a river.
Let’s brainstorm some options.
Exploring a new way to commute with King County Metro’s rideshare option.
A guide to gates, parking, nonstop flights, and more.
Good news for Seattle.
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