Celebrate Earth Day Seattle, WA with #BuyLocalBuyGreenSEA

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We’re challenging you to buy locally and sustainably in Seattle for one week. | Graphic by 6AM City

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You know we’re all about supporting our local businesses in the Emerald City, which is why we’re excited for Earth Day on Fri., April 22. 🌎

This year’s Earth Day initiative is centered around investing in our planet — and there are lots of ways buying locally supports sustainability. To promote this goal within our community, we are introducing you to our #BuyLocalBuyGreenSEA campaign.

To celebrate the global initiative, we are challenging youand ourselves — to only shop locally for one week. Or, at least try to swap out a few basic purchases with local options.

What would this look like? Think: Starting your morning with a trip to Honest Biscuits for a thoughtfully-sourced egg sandwich, stopping by a farmers market for local produce, or perusing spring fashion at Prairie Underground.

We want to follow along with your journey, as well as share ours with you. To do so, we are asking you to share photos of your local purchases, shopping sprees, or other Earth Day activities on social media using the hashtag #BuyLocalBuyGreenSEA. Throughout the week, we will spotlight what our community is up to in our newsletters + social feeds.

Don’t have social media but want to participate? Send us your photos via email.

Need some inspiration? Here are some local, sustainable recommendations to switch up your weekly routine.

Hey, this is Seattle — a local caffeine boost is a must. City Editor Gabe plans to pick up some single origin beans from Fulcrum, a roaster that looks to address the challenges of climate change in the coffee industry.

City Editor Alina is all about spring closet cleaning, and would love to check out the Girlfriend Collective, a shop that sells clothes from recycled materials. Even the wastewater from dyes are reused to make sidewalks + roads.

Pantry running low? Pick up some supplies at Scoop Marketplace, a zero-waste grocer in Kirkland. And if you’re out and about at lunchtime, grab some tacos at El Casteño — a food truck in the Central District empowering the community with a solar grid.

Whatever you choose, remember to share your stories + tag #BuyLocalBuyGreenSEA for a chance to be featured.


Where do you shop for local, sustainable goods in Seattle? Let us know here.

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