Copperworks Distilling now crowdfunding for local investors

A rendering of Copperwork's proposed new facilities that shows a bar space and tables.

A rendering of Copperworks Distillery’s proposed Kenmore facility. | Rendering via Copperworks Distillery

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Get ready to add co-owner to your LinkedIn profile. Copperworks Distilling Company is on the hunt for investors, using a special form of crowdfunding that allows fans to get in the mix. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

🥃 This is a game changer

This unique funding method is something called Regulation Crowdfunding. It sounds complicated, but it’s basically a GoFundMe for investment opportunities. Instead of donating money, you’re actually buying stock that could lead to some $$$ in your bank.

This has only been legal since 2016, but it’s especially attractive for companies that want to bring their fans and supporters into the business instead of using more traditional fundraising methods — like bank loans or finding angel investors.

🥃 Oh, and it’s pretty legit

Companies that want to try this out have to fill out massive amounts of paperwork and have their books audited to be on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Which means this is way different than handing over cash to your weird uncle with the parakeet circus business.

🥃 So, why does Copperworks need funding?

Copperworks Distilling Company is currently working on a three-phase construction project that would create two new restaurants, a bar, barrel storage space, event venues + a new production facility. (Pretty cool, huh?) It’s all to support operations as the company continues to grow and become even more popular. (Hello, ADI 2018 Distillery of the Year Award.)

In order to get rolling, they need a little financial help, so they’re turning to the folks that have supported them the most — spirit lovers.

🥃 But, why invest?

There could be any number of reasons. This could be a good gift for a family member that’s passionate about Copperworks’ products. Or, maybe you’re passionate about supporting local businesses. Plus, if you’ve ever been interested in distilling yourself, this could be an excellent opportunity to get an inside look at the business.

If you are interested, you’ll need to grab shares by Fri., Dec. 31.

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