See the winning pumpkin from our 2023 jack-o-lantern contest

Winner: “Stabby (Get Well Soon)” by Tiff L.

A collage of four pumpkins: one that looks stabbed, one unicorn, one glowing with a Jack Skellington expression, and one grinning cat

Time to choose the greatest gourd.

Photos via Tiff L., Najwa C., Allison J., and Terry N.

The votes are in for our Pumpkin Carving Contest. Check out the pumpkins below, including the contest winner our readers voted for.

A pumpkin with a dead expression (x'd out eyes) and a red ice pick stuck in its side

Stabby (Get Well Soon)

Photo by Tiff L.

Winner: Stabby (Get Well Soon)

Orange you glad you’re not this poor fella? The ice pick with the trace of blood is a nice, grim touch — we’ll have to keep an eye out for a seedy killer on the loose.

A pumpkin decorated like a unicorn

The Fall Unicorn

Photo by Najwa C.

Most likely to have a spa membership: The Fall Unicorn

Ah, what a gourd-eous vibe. There are no signs of any carvings, but the beautiful decorations, precise paint, and serene expression transports us into an autumnal fantasy land.

A glowing pumpkin with the face of Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Smirk

Photo by Allison J.

Most likely to actually haunt someone: Jack Skellington Smirk

We just got major chills staring at the mischievous glow of the very Jack-like jack-o'-lantern. It’ll truly give us nightmares way before Christmas.

A pumpkin carved into the shape of a smirking cat

Cats Welcome, People Tolerated

Photo by Terry N.

Most likely to eventually need dental work: Cats Welcome, People Tolerated

Here kitty, kitty — actually, we’re not quite sure how domesticated this character is. There’s something about that grin which says, “I’m up to no good.”

Voting closes Wednesday, Oct. 25 — so be sure to vote for the jack-o’-lantern you want to be crowned cream of the carving crop.

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