Treasuring the first-ever Great West Seattle Float Hunt

Seek and you shall find, accidental islanders. The first-ever Great West Seattle Float Hunt is underway, challenging locals to track down 50 glass orbs hidden around the area at retail locations + public spaces.

The decorative treasures are hand-blown by Avalon Glassworks and were inspired by vintage fishing floats + the waters of the Puget Sound. Each one is secured with netting and comes with an “I ❤️ WS” stopper button, along with an instruction card (only one per family is permitted).

This scavenger hunt organized from West Seattle Best Seattle is part of an effort to get folks jazzed about the pending reopening of the West Seattle Bridge. It may even scratch that Geocaching itch we’ve had of late.

Pro tip: Look for hints dropped regularly at the organizer’s Instagram page. Gotta catch ‘em all.

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