Halo Infinite World Championship descends upon Seattle

Someone bust out the energy drinks.

Halo World Championships

We wouldn’t want to get in a fight with a guy in that suit.

Here’s another little checked box for why Seattle is the true nerd capitol of the US.

This weekend, hundreds of gamers will descend upon the Seattle Convention Center for the 2022 Halo Infinite World Championships running from Fri., Oct. 21-Sun., Oct. 23.

While the popular sci-fi video game (and now TV) series — first introduced in 2001 — follows a main storyline, the competition version will use its player vs. player game styles to pit 12 teams from around the globe against each other.

But it’s not all gameplay — the event will attract fans for a cosplay competition (featuring a $5,000 prize), panels with the voices behind main characters Master Chief and Cortana, and conversations about the game’s lore.

It makes sense that the final championship lands here. After all, the game is developed by 343 Industries, which is owned by Xbox Game Studiosboth headquartered in Redmond.

Those who want to watch the competition can buy in-person tickets or watch online through Twitch.

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