Kid-friendly breweries and wineries in Seattle

Perfect for when the babysitter cancels.

Optimism Brewing, Seattle Wa

Hard to feel pessimistic with a juicy IPA in your hands (also, RIP Alina’s glasses that were later lost to the wild).

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

A Saturday afternoon beer after finishing errands is one of life’s greatest joys — but that can obviously get a little more complicated if you have a little one (turn 21 already, kid).

Luckily, there are plenty of places around Seattle if you’re looking for a quick brewsky or want to catch up with some friends at a local winery with your mini-me in tow.

Click the map to see the full list or check out our favorites below.

Proxi map

There are places all throughout the city where you can sample with kids in tow.

Map by Proxi

  • Optimism Brewing Company | 1158 Broadway | Hours vary | With an outdoor area, rotating food trucks, and plenty of space to spread out — this place is nice and chill for your friendly meet-ups.
  • Nine Hats Winery & Pizzeria | 3861 First Ave. S. | 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily | Kids can get bored pretty quickly — but you can entice them with cheese and carbs here.
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