Plus, tourists spent more money in Seattle last year than they ever have.
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🐶 Who let the dogs out?
Magnuson has an area where pups can splash around in Lake Washington. | Photo by Candice McMillan
Tell your furry friends — Seattle Parks and Rec is getting ready to build two new off-leash areas for local pups: one in Othello Park and one next to the West Seattle Stadium.

The announcement follows the completion of the department’s Off-Leash Area Expansion Study, which looked for suitable spots for pups to roam wild and free now that the local pup population has increased.

Othello Park Off-Leash Area.png

The red-outlined areas on each map show where the new off-leash areas will be placed.


Images via Seattle Parks and Rec

The Othello Park location has been mapped out to cover ~12,000 sqft in the south end of the park, with the West Seattle Stadium location pegged to be slightly larger at ~16,000 sqft in a currently wooded area.

No construction timeline has been released for either location, but look for announcements for planning meetings in the near future.

In addition, Parks and Rec is looking to add a third space at Ravenna Park at a later date since the department will still need to secure funding for this project. Look for timeline announcements soon, though.

Other locations that have been identified as options for off-leash areas include Brighton Playfield and East Queen Anne Playfield.

The View Ridge Playfield, Powell Barnett Park, Discovery Park, and Lincoln Park had been nominated as potential construction sites during the Off-Leash Area Expansion Study, but were eventually nixed during community feedback.

In the meantime, if you’re finding waiting for these new puppy playgrounds to be a little ruff — check out our guide to other dog-friendly spaces around the city.
Where’s your favorite off-leash area?
A. Magnuson Park
B. Golden Gardens
C. Woodland Park
D. Genesee Park
E. Other
Monday, April 1
  • Embodied Altars: Indigenized Open-Level Contemporary Dance Class | Monday, April 1 | 6:30 p.m. | Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, 5011 Bernie Whitebear Way, Seattle | $10-$20 | This open-level dance class, designed by Indigenous Mexican-American artist Alicia Mullikin, blends ancient and contemporary moves — all are welcome.
Tuesday, April 2
  • Jake Shimabukuro | Tuesday, April 2-Wednesday, April 3 | 9:30 p.m. | Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, 2033 Sixth Ave., Seattle | $60.50 | This ukulele composing legend recently released his new album “Grateful.”
  • Sleater-Kinney: Little Rope Tour | Tuesday, April 2 | 8:30 p.m. | The Showbox, 1426 First Ave., Seattle | $55-$88 | You might also recognize guitarist Carrie Brownstein from her role in the hit show “Portlandia.”
Wednesday, April 3
  • Rave Pickle | Wednesday, April 3 | 5 p.m.-12 a.m. | Seattle Convention Center, 900 Pine St., Seattle | $39.69-$2,000 | This event will be kind of like if Tron became a pickleball fan — featuring live DJs, glow in the dark paint, drinks, and lots of good sports fun.
Thursday, April 4
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News Notes
  • Money, money, money — Seattle saw a record-breaking year for the amount of cash tourists spent while visiting our city, with an estimated $8.2 billion plugged into our economy. This number shows a 0.7% increase from 2019’s pre-pandemic data.
  • It looks like Amazon has plans to cut back on empty office space by terminating leases and allowing some others to expire, potentially saving the company $1.3 billion. Amazon’s office vacancy rate currently sits at 33.8%, but that could fall to ~10% over the next three to five years with this plan. (Puget Sound Business Journal)
  • Mayor Bruce Harrell has proposed some new legislation that would make it easier to fill vacant downtown storefronts by expanding some zoning definitions for commercial spaces. Under the bill, new commercial options could include medical offices, research labs, horitcultural operations, or art installations.
  • We’re seeing a theme here — a new space-themed McDonald’s is now open across the street from the Space Needle. In addition to a retro-futuristic interior design, the new fast food restaurant at 140 Fourth Ave. N. has also opted for a walk-up window and pay parking stalls instead of a traditional drive-thru. (Eater Seattle)
  • The Mariners’ first series is officially under the team’s belt. How did they do? Hear from the local experts on the team with Locked On’s daily, Mariners-focused podcasts.
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    The Buy
    The Song of Everything Book to celebrate National Poetry Month. This poetic journey takes an adventure through South Carolina’s State Parks.
    What percentage of the domestic tulip crop is Washington responsible for?

    Rows of yellow, magenta, and light pink tulips stretch out away from the camera towards a light pink sunset.

    Tulip Town’s vast fields are even more fun to wander after a drink at its wine + beer garden.


    Photo via Tulip Town

    We gave you this little quiz on Friday and 40% of you passed. The correct answer was that Washington is responsible for 75% of the US’ commercial tulip crop. It’s all thanks to the Skagit Valley’s stable and moderate temps which give us these big, beautiful blooms.
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    From the editor
    I have yet to give pickleball a try, but a pickleball rave really seems like the only way I should be introduced. However, I gotta say, “Rave Pickle” is a head-turner of a name.
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