Seattle Parks and Rec announces plans for two new off-leash areas for dogs

While exact construction deadlines have yet to be released, we know these new off-leash areas will be built near the West Seattle Stadium and Othello Park.


Magnuson has an off-leash area where pups can splash around in Lake Washington.

Photo by Candice McMillan

Tell your furry friends — Seattle Parks and Rec is getting ready to build two new off-leash areas for local pups: one in Othello Park and one next to the West Seattle Stadium.

The announcement follows the completion of the department’s Off-Leash Area Expansion Study, which looked for suitable spots for pups to roam wild and free now that the local pup population has increased.

Othello Park Off-Leash Area.png

The red-outlined areas on each map show where the new off-leash areas will be placed.

Images via Seattle Parks and Rec

The Othello Park location has been mapped out to cover ~12,000 sqft in the south end of the park, with the West Seattle Stadium location pegged to be slightly larger at ~16,000 sqft in a currently wooded area.

No construction timeline has been released for either location, but look for announcements for planning meetings in the near future.

In addition, Parks and Rec is looking to add a third space at Ravenna Park at a later date since the department will still need to secure funding for this project. Look for timeline announcements soon, though.

Other locations that have been identified as options for off-leash areas include Brighton Playfield and East Queen Anne Playfield.

The View Ridge Playfield, Powell Barnett Park, Discovery Park, and Lincoln Park had been nominated as potential construction sites during the Off-Leash Area Expansion Study, but were eventually nixed during community feedback.

In the meantime, if you’re finding waiting for these new puppy playgrounds to be a little ruff — check out our guide to other dog-friendly spaces around the city.

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