One-star reviews of Mt. Rainier

Some are only a little impressed.

Mt. Rainier

We’ve seen better mountains.

Sure, mountains are impressive. But Mother Nature could always do better — even the majestic Mount Rainier.

Well, at least that’s what some people think — apparently a few locals are just not impressed.

Check out these real, honest-to-goodness one-star reviews of the 500,000-year-old volcano. Which, sure, may be jokes, but still took some effort to post.


Screenshot via Google Reviews

Shhh, no one tell this person about winter.

Mt. Rainier review

Screenshot via Google Reviews

Clearly this person’s never used a dating app. The rest of us have gone a bit numb to the surprise.


Screenshot via Google Reviews

Yeah, could someone please get on making this mountain look more real? Maybe Photoshop a few pimples on its face.

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