Seattle restaurants that fit your New Year’s resolution


Cycle Dogs vegan sandwiches hits those cravings just right. | Photo by Heather Tanner

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While studies show that most people keep up their New Year’s resolutions through at least the first 32 days of the new year, we know that motivation really starts taking a hit about now.

But we want to see you succeed. And while we’re not big fans of diet culture (eat what you want, feel good), we know that food choices are a common resolution theme.

So here are some really tasty restaurants you should try out, whether you’re trying to eat more sustainably, work in some more Meatless Mondays, try out Dry January, or just enjoy yourself — we’ll take any excuse to show off Seattle’s expansive restaurant scene.

🍽️ Sustainably-minded eats

Mashiko | 4725 California Ave. SW

This phenomenal West Seattle sushi restaurant serves sustainably-sourced seafood, which means it focuses on fish that aren’t overfarmed and are farmed using methods that don’t harm the oceans. The buttery scallop nigiri + striped bass are to die for.

The Herbfarm | 14590 NE 145th St.

Herbfarm’s menu changes with the seasons — well, the local seasonal crops— making each nine-course dinner a completely different experience from the last.

🥑 Meatless eats

Cycle Dogs | 5410 17th Ave. NW

A perfect example for why going meatless doesn’t have to mean giving up quality fast food. Tasty, greasy, and vegan — Cycle Dogs also has its own Seattle dog.

Harvest Beat | 1711 N. 45th St.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, Harvest Beat has excellent vegan and vegetarian lunch options + a five-course dinner with dishes like celery root ravioli and black pepper lasagna.

🍸 Fabulous mocktails

Fog Room | 1610 2nd Ave.

Most bars will likely be happy to make spirit-free versions of your favorite cocktails, but Fog Room has a specific section on its menu for mocktails. It features concoctions like Middleman, made with passionfruit, Don’s Mix, ginger beer, and angostura bitters.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer | Locations in U District, Capitol Hill, Pike Place Market + the Amazon Spheres

With flavors like passionfruit vanilla, caramelized pineapple, or cucumber tarragon, we’ll be surprised if you say you miss alcohol (but you can also have it added, if you’re into that).

🍕 Or just plain tasty

Bar del Corso | 3057 Beacon Ave. S.

The chewy, wood-fired pizzas here represent comfort food at its finest. Bar del Corso is typically referenced as one of Seattle’s best pizzerias with its sausage made onsite and top quality ingredients.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken | All over Seattle (don’t make us list them)

Move over KFC. If you’re new to Seattle, this is a must try chain, with many dishes made from scratch every day — don’t forget about those wonderful fresh-baked rolls.

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