Our Seattle Bingo predictions for 2023

Will giant bugs take over? Will the Mariners win the World Series?

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We have some guesses on what we think is in store for our city this year.

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Alright, Seattle — at the beginning of the month we asked you all what were your predictions for local headlines we might read in the coming year so we could make a 2023 Bingo card.

We got a couple of pretty funny responses that have been added to a few of our own thoughts. With that, we’re ready for Seattle to really bring out its weird.

We’ll update you all whenever a space has been filled and let you know which one of your fellow readers made the prediction in case you want to ask them about lottery numbers or something.

Let’s have some fun.

A filled out Bingo card for our 2023 predictions

We’ve seen Bruce Harrell drop for push-ups at an event, so we don’t think a cartwheel is off the table.

Graphic by SEAtoday Staff

Bingo Introduction

(Published January 5, 2023)

So, the past few years have been pretty weird, right?

We mean, there’s no way our 2019 selves could have ever predicted owning 14 styles of face masks or the Pentagon admitting the existence of UFOs.

So we wanted to have a little fun and make our own predictions for headlines we might see in 2023 here locally and make a Bingo card to fill out as the year goes on.

As a start, we’re thinking:

But we would love your help adding in this card so we can laugh together.
So, tell us: What news (totally out of this world or predictably wacky for Seattle) do you think 2023 will bring?

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Help us fill the card out.

Graphic by SEAtoday Staff