Seattle Center runs exhibit on Seattle’s Buffalo Soldiers

The 25th Infantry was stationed here for about five years.


The exhibit sits just at the top of the stairs from the main foyer.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

The Seattle Center recently teamed up with the University of Washington Museology Graduate Program to present “A Seattle History Worth Preserving: Buffalo Soliders,” an exhibit that explores that history through timelines and photographs.

The all-Black regiments of the US military established in 1866 were known as fierce fighters — but they were also the first caretakers of National Parks and credited with the international spread of jazz music.

From 1910-1913, the regiments wereonce stationed in Fort Lawton and accounted for ~one-third of the Black population in Seattle during those years.

Unfortunately, a lot of Buffalo Soldiers’ history was not well-recorded — which is why exhibits like the one locally are so valuable.

Check out the photos at the Seattle Center’s Armory Balcony — it’s free and runs through Tuesday, Feb. 28.

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