Seattle’s fall 2022 weather forecast

What to expect for the next few months

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The days may be getting shorter, but those fall leaves sure are pretty. | Photo by @sheepcookie

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Fall models show we’re in for a continued La Niña climate pattern — for the third year in a row (which isn’t common). Expect another round of unseasonably cooler months ahead, with the full effects touching down sometime between October and December. So, button up.


While most of the US is showing a strong likelihood of higher-than-average temperatures, a large portion of Washington has an equal chance of higher or lower temperatures.


Bring those raincoats back out. Seattle has a 33-40% chance of higher than average rainfall this autumn.

🗓By the month: September

The cooling off begins with daily high temperatures averaging around 67°. Shortly after the fall equinox on Thurs., Sept. 22, we’ll start to notice the shortening days — but will still see 12 hours of daylight. Soak up the sun while you can — the Big Dark is looming.

🗓 By the month: October

October plunges us down into a daily high temperature average of 59°. Definitely sweater weather by this point.

🗓 By the month: November

It’s certainly turkey-carving season with a daily high temperature average of 51°. But this month also brings us the dreaded end of Daylight Saving Time on Sun., Nov. 6. On this day, we’ll see a 7 a.m. sunrise and the return of the infamous 4 p.m. sunsets. Yikes.

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