Solve the Seattle landmark puzzle 🧩

There’s something soothing about working on a puzzle, whether you’re on break at work or stuck inside on vacation. We wanted to bring you some of that chill in our newsletter, so here’s a Seattle-themed picture for you to put back together from the puzzle creator Jigsaw Explorer.

Can anyone guess the subject from the photo above or the jumbled pieces below?

You can make this as difficult or easy as you like (from six to 1,054 pieces) and there’s even a multiplayer mode. Plus, the app keeps track of your time, so send us a screenshot of your quickest finish and we might just have to shout out your puzzle prowess.

Prefer a more leisurely pace? Don’t worry — it saves your progress so you can come back later. And if you have trouble moving the pieces around, try it out on the app’s page.

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