How to walk a picturesque Queen Anne route

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Tie up those laces. Local walker extraordinaire Peter Aberg shared what he considered the most “quintessential” Seattle stroll: Queen Anne Boulevard, which takes you through some of the most picturesque parts of the city.

Length: 4.2 miles
Start: Kerry Park
End: Near Parsons Gardens

Where to walk

  • From Kerry Park, travel east of West Highland Drive + take in the sights. Then cross Queen Anne Avenue North to Prospect Street.
  • Look for where the road veers slightly back uphill to Bigelow Avenue North and the beginning of the brown boulevard street signs. Continue on Bigelow northward until you reach Lynn Street, then walk a couple of blocks east to the scenic overlook.
  • Retrace back to Bigelow and the sign route and go north to Wheeler Street, which turns westward into McGraw Street.
  • Follow the signs as the boulevard crosses the bridge, turning into McGraw Place, Smith Street, and then back to McGraw.
  • Stay west past Queen Anne Avenue as the road weaves in different directions past Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Arrive at the western-most part of the boulevard: 10th Avenue West.
  • The brown street signs will direct you due south to Wheeler. From there, you’ll go over to Eighth Avenue West to West McCraw for a block until arriving at Seventh Avenue West. There you’ll find balustraded streets + incredible views to the west and south.
  • The boulevard twists slightly into Eight Place West, and takes you to the Marshall Park viewpoint + Parsons Gardens. You can then head east back to the starting point.

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