Zambonis from Highland Ice Arena are for sale

Perfect for the winter activity lover who has everything. ❄️

The front of a Zamboni that shows the machine's name on the front.

Zambonis helped keep the Highland Ice Arena skate-worthy.

Photo via Highland Ice Arena

Got some extra cash for a super cool holiday gift? Go to the Highland Ice Arena’s website. 🏷️

The beloved rink in Shoreline closed in October after 60 years, and is now selling off some of the facility’s equipment — including two Zambonis. There’s one for $30,000 and an older model for $10,000 (total bargain, if you ask us).

Both need a water wash pump, but should be able to take care of any ice you need smoothing. Just put a bow on those suckers and stick ‘em under the tree… if you have the room. 🎁

Other items for sale:

  • Dehumidifier ($20,000)
  • Board plexi glass ($50 each)
  • Rental skates ($10-$15)

Highland fans should also know that skate shop stewards Rick and Diana Stephens are on the hunt for a new location to operate their store — but also take appointments. ⛸️

Maybe they’ll even teach you how to drive that Zamboni. Slow and steady.

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