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Where to find lunch for $15 or less in Seattle

Ready for your lunch break? Check out these 20 lunches, from enticing sandwiches and salads to comforting noodle dishes.

Two salads from Homegrown Seattle sit on a black table

Hot office tea is best poured with a nice, big green salad on a patio — don’t cha think?

Looking for a tasty, local lunch spot that doesn’t break the bank? We’re here for you, Seattle. Check out this list of 20 places where lunch for one costs $15 or less.

We know cravings are key when it comes to a midday meal, so we’ve broken up these spots into their respective food groups. Think spicy noodles and refreshing greens.

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Dick’s isn’t just a late-night craving — it can be a satisfying quick lunch, too.

Photo via @sparklin_cider_mami

Fast and casual

Mamnoon Street, 2020 Sixth Ave.
The fresh herbs, yogurt, and lemon zest that is on so many of these Lebanese-inspired dishes will give you a nice midday perk. Try the za’atar at $10 or the filling falafel wrap.

Dick’s Drive-In, Various locations
You can grab one of those famed burgers for a few bucks, or splurge and add fries + a shake.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken, Various locations
Stressful workdays call for comfort food, and there are few things more comforting than a plate of fried chicken. Get a three-piece combo with a roll for ~$10.

Marination, Various locations
Forget that you have to go back to work in an hour and chow down on some Hawaiian fried rice, miso ginger chicken plates, and tacos (two for $7).

A salad with strawberries, goat cheese, radishes, and greens.

California-based Mendocino Farms recently opened its first Seattle restaurant.

Photo via Mendocino Farms

Salads and bowls

Evergreens, Various locations
Sometimes the veggie cravings are the most mind-consuming. Pick between warm curry bowls, southern salads, and kale wraps — or build your own green creation, which you can do for just shy of $15.

Homegrown, Various locations
The Spicy Braised Tofu bowl is a good vegan option at this local franchise, or you can spice things up with the Sonoran, which comes with ancient grains, ancho-roasted corn, and habañero dressing.

Mendocino Farms, 2118 Westlake Ave.
One of the newer additions to South Lake Union’s lunchtime scene offers a strawberry and goat cheese salad along with other tempting creations in the $15 range.

A closeup of a pork sandwich from Un Bien in Seattle, WA

Un Bien’s pork sandwiches are legendary.

Photo via Un Bien

Sandwiches and wraps

Un Bien, Various locations
The stuffed roast pork Caribbean sandwich ($13.25) and other offerings at this longtime Ballard favorite can often be enough for two meals.

Mean Sandwich, 1510 Leary Way NW
The sammies at this spot are stuffed to the gills and have some enticing fillings like Spanish sardines between fried lemons ($15).

Bánh Town, 10414 Holman Road
Bánh mi — spicy, bright, and deeply satisfying. We’re lucky Seattle has so many options for these Vietnamese delights, but we also can’t get over their pork bahn mi made with banana leaf steamed pork, garlic aioli, and shaved onion.

Tat’s Deli, 159 Yesler Way
The eight-inch hoagies at this Pioneer Square spot are absolutely loaded with a variety of juicy meats (hot and cold) — and the lauded Philly Cheesesteak should make even East Coasters smile.

Beef brisket with wonton and noodles at Mike's Noodle House in Seattle, WA

Mike’s Noodle House is known for hearty Cantonese dishes.

Photo via @kentfoodie


Midnite Ramen, Various locations
You’ll find this food truck often parked outside Seattle breweries serving steaming ramen bowls that are among the best in the city.

Mike’s Noodle House, 418 Maynard Ave. S.
The Chinatown-International District staple is a lunchtime treat with items like wonton and beef brisket (or squid ball) noodle soup to fill you up for $14.

Xi’an Noodles, Various locations
Carb up with dishes like braised pork biang noodles or the excellent spicy cumin lamb.

Tacos on a paper plate in front of the Taqueria La Fondita truck in Seattle, WA

Taqueria La Fondita has two trucks in White Center and one in Greenwood.

Photo by SEAtoday staff


Tacos Chukis, Various locations
Feeling a taco, quesadilla, asado, or torta? These reasonable prices mean that you can pretty much mix and match whatever you’re craving.

Taqueria La Fondita, Various locations
You can chow down on a tender lengua taco or carnitas for less than $5 each, or get a combo with rice + beans for just under $15.

Carmelo’s Tacos, Various locations
This is a local favorite for a reason — low prices and excellent quality make for happy customers.

A pizza slice topped with jalapeños and pineapple

Stevie’s Famous is a sibling pizzeria to Fremont’s Lupo.

Photo via Stevie’s Famous


Hot Mama’s, 700 E. Pine St.
Whether you go for the pesto or keep it simple with cheese + pepperoni, slices here are worth the occasional wait.

Stevie’s Famous, 822 SW 152nd St., Burien
Get a big slice that’ll tide you over — the Normie Macdonald version has aged mozzarella, coppa, hot honey, and grana.

Big Mario’s, Various locations
Slices ring in for about ~$5 each (depending on toppings), and they always taste great on the go.

What did we miss? If you know a budget-friendly lunch that’s not on the list, let us know using this survey.

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