Egg spill on Bellevue road: Did they actually cook?

A state trooper wondered about the mess.


These eggs blocked an I-90 ramp’s three left lanes for about an hour.

Photo via @wspd2pio

This is no yolk, people. On Tuesday, the Bellevue Fire Department was called to the scene of a spill onto an I-90 ramp in Bellevue from I-405, where someone dropped a whole bunch of eggs.

The shelling made a mess and hindered traffic, but Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson also wondered if the eggs started to cook.

Er, probably not? Temps were in the 70s and 80s this week, which is hot for the region this time of year, for sure. But even on really toasty days, it’s unlikely that any sort of pavement will reach the necessary temperature of 158° to fry up those suckers. Trust us, people have tried many, many times.

Luckily, Bellevue’s responders got traffic moving again after a quick cleanup. But if you really want an eggs-cellent meal, best to check out our local brunch guide instead.