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New King Conservation District board election

The King Conservation District works to help give locals the tools and education to take good care of our natural world.

Mt. Rainier stands tall in the distance, while the edge of a pond and evergreen trees paint a summery picture in the foreground.

We have the King Conservation District partly to thank for how beautiful our county is.

Hey, King County — didja know that we’re in the middle of another election cycle?

Don’t stress — you didn’t miss anything in the mail. This election to choose a new King Conservation District (KCD) board of supervisors member is mostly online.

There are three candidates running for the seat: Brittney Bush Bollay, Aaron Ellig, and Erik Goheen. You can read each of their bios on the KCD website before voting.

The election period ends on Feb.13, so let’s sort it out.

What is the King Conservation District?

The KCD is a non-regulatory agency that aims to promote sustainability in the county by providing assistance, education, and resources to private residences throughout King County. This means they don’t make rules on how we should take care of the land around us, but hope to make such efforts easier.

The agency’s goal is to build a stronger network of locally sourced foods, healthy forests, clean water, and better soil. Among the resources they provide are:

  • Classes on wildfire preparedness, shoreline stewardship, and community agriculture
  • Grant money to local orgs
  • Help and equipment rentals to local farmers

Accomplishments include:

  • Distribuing 67,000+ plants throughnative plant sales + planting 20,960 more through volunteer work
  • Stewarding 13 acres of shoreline and 63+ acres of forest
  • Improving and restoring 301 acres of farmland
  • Assessing 1,486 acres for wildfire risk.

What’s going on with the voting?

Right now, the KCD has a position open on its board of supervisors, so there’s an election to choose who fills that seat. The election is mostly electronic, but you can request a paper ballot). Results are being tallied by the King County Elections office, so you can track your ballot in the same ways that you normally do.

You can also vote right now.