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How Seattleites can train to be a Master Composter

We’ve got all the dirt.

Two women (both in gray wool hats and work clothes) dig into a blue bucket of dirt with their hands.

The Master Composter/Sustainability Stewards program is co-managed by Tilth Alliance and Seattle Public Utilities.

Photo via Tilth Alliance

Let’s talk trash, Seattle. If you’ve always wanted to show off those mad composting skills, Seattle has a special class you can take to become a Master Composter — also known as a “sustainability steward.”

You’ll train to be a volunteer who helps educate locals about the importance of reducing waste through composting. To start, there’s a 30-hour classroom course that covers topics like improving soil health, sorting composting from recyclables, and managing storm water.

That training will be followed by 35 hours of volunteer outreach that could involve everything from cleanup work at events to helping a community garden get their composting system in order.

Classes take place on Wednesdays + Saturdays, March through April, with training opportunities both online and in-person. Applications for the program are due by Feb. 19. No previous experience is necessary — you only need to be a Seattle resident to sign up.