SDOT’s Seattle Transportation Plan is ready for public’s review

The draft took 18 months to complete and includes a 20-year vision for the city’s growth.

A view of downtown Seattle from across Lake Union

Imagine what the city will look like in 20 years.

Photo by @jstn.sight

Table of Contents

What took 18 months, 7,000+ people, and 158 meetings and community events to create? Introducing the first draft of the Seattle Transportation Plan.

This plan, created by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), guides how the department and all of its counterparts prioritize projects. Think: Creating affordable transit options, building new protected bike lanes, and maintaining existing infrastructure for the next 20 years. Whew — pretty important stuff.

To create it, SDOT held a wholeeeee bunch of meetings over the last year and a half, and created an interactive map where residents could pinpoint areas they think need some extra attention.

And now, SDOT wants to make sure they heard you right before moving onto the next step — making these traffic dreams a reality.

So what’s the plan, Stan?

The entire draft is 1,328 pages, so it’s a pretty hefty lift to try to read all at once — even for the most experienced of book clubs.

But to make that a little easier on the eyes (and brain), SDOT has created different ways to review the document based on the amount of time you feel like dedicating. Like..

  • Five-minute summary videos
  • A ~10-minute read
  • The full plan (*shivers*)

Want more? Soon SDOT will upload their network maps for visual learners.

How do I share my thoughts?

SDOT has organized another series of virtual + in-person community meetings that will run until the end of October. Or, give SDOT a call or send an email. You can also leave notes on their website as you read along the plan.

Once this comment-collecting period ends, SDOT will use the new feedback to refine the draft before submitting it to City Council for review. That means this is your last big chance before things get real.