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What to expect for the 2024 Windermere Cup

In addition to the international rowing competition, you’ll also get to enjoy the Seattle Yacht Club’s opening day parade and the Windermere’s Party on the Cut.

SEA_windermere cup rowing

Places to view the races are open all along the Montlake Cut.

Photo via Windermere Real Estate

This year’s Windermere Cup is about to rock the boat. On Saturday, May 4, the annual regatta will kick off its big day for Seattleites and rowing teams around the world.

Initially founded in 1987 to show off the Montlake Cut as an ideal rowing location, the event also has some extra historical significance this time around — an international rematch that’s been 88 years in the making (if you watched the “Boys in the Boat,” you’ll know what we’re talking about).

This year, the Italian National Rowing Team visits Seattle for a rematch after the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where the UW rowing team faced off against Italy for the gold medal — a story depicted in the George Clooney film released last year.

Join in on the fanfare + witness a snippet of history in the remaking:

  • Windermere Cup Races | Saturday, May 4 | With start times between 10:15 a.m. and 11:45 p.m., rowing teams will be taking to the water.
  • Seattle Yacht Club Parade | Saturday, May 4 | This boat pageant, complete with floating marching bands, begins at noon.
  • More attractions | Build-a-boat stations, a bouncy house, food vendors, and more are available throughout the event.
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