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Seattle preps for ‘Boys in the Boat’ movie release

A variety of exhibits, tours, and movie screenings are being hosted around the city.

A black and white team photo shows the athletes on the UW Rowing team that led the US to a gold medal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Meet the champions behind the 1936 Olympic victory. Star Joe Rantz is the teammate the second to the left.

Photo via MOHAI, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection, 2000.

Are you ready for another movie night?

Dec. 25 marks the release of “The Boys in the Boat,” a film directed by George Clooney that puts Seattle in a pretty hot spotlight. The movie, adapted from the New York Times best-selling nonfiction novel of the same name, follows the 1936 UW Men’s Rowing team on their gold medal journey at the Berlin Olympics.

While most of the filming took place in the UK (even the shots at the supposed UW boathouse), Seattle is still buzzing with excitement. Celebrate with these local tours, exhibits, and movie screenings.

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 4.44.40 PM.png

Yes, this image depicts the team as they race towards winning their famed gold medal.

Photo via MOHAI, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2000.

Explore and learn more

  • “Pulling Together: A Brief History of Rowing in Seattle” | The Museum of History and Industry has put together an exhibit that details how the UW team was organized, the history behind their boat’s design, and photographs from the team’s races. Artifacts include an American flag that was displayed at the Olympic games and a Husky Challenger, a working boat similar to the Clipper used by the team, and other Seattle rowing paraphernalia.
  • Tour the ASUW Boathouse | In 2022, UW started a fundraiser to restore the boathouse that the 1936 UW Men’s rowing team called home. Now, you can tour it and see memorabilia like some of the team’s letterman jackets, two of the athletes’ gold medals, and the Husky Clipper shell.

Where to watch

  • SIFF Cinema Uptown | The SIFF’s new downtown location hosted the Seattle premier of “The Boys in the Boat” earlier this month, but you can still celebrate your love for all things local with snacks and drinks from Seattle-owned biz.
  • PacSci | Enjoy the film on the largest movie screen in Washington.
  • Ark Lodge Cinema | Keep on celebrating our town by supporting this little theater in Columbia City.
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