Sea-Tac Airport ranked as second best for on-time flights

Breathe easy.


Sea-Tac Airport continues to roll out new upgrades to its space.

Photo via the Port of Seattle

Looking to get away this sumer? You’re in luck — a new report from Price4Limo ranked Seattle-Tacoma International Airport No. 2 for on-time flight departures on Memorial Day weekends, with 89% of flights leaving on-time.

If you’re traveling soon, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Hawaiian Airlines tends to be the most punctual, with only 9% of flights being delayed.
  • Price4Limo’s report showed Frontier as the most frequently delayed, with 21% of its flights leaving later than expected.
  • Leave on Saturday if possible, when 86% of flights make it out on time.
  • Consider delaying your return trip until Tuesday — Monday is the worst travel day for the weekend, with 21% of flights delayed.
  • If you’re delayed, don’t panic — over the past five years, only 2% of flights have been completely canceled.

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