Sound Transit considers changes to fare and parking prices

You can weigh in via an online survey.


Sound Transit changes are in anticipation of an Eastside-only Light Rail in 2024.

Photo by Gillfoto via Wikimedia Commons

Are you keeping track of all the Sound Transit changes? The department wants to hear from you.

With the Light Rail expanding service next year, Sound Transit is looking at switching up its fare pricing. Options include tweaks to the current “pay based on how far you go” system — or a new flat rate with fares of $3-$3.50.

Sound Transit is also mulling parking program modifications. There are three possibilities on the table: tiered daily fees at station lots, variable daily fees, or a flat daily fee (the latter two would have no reserved permits).

Send in your thoughts by filling out the Sound Transit survey by Sunday, Oct. 23 or by attending one of these virtual meetings:

  • Saturday, Oct. 7 | 10-11 a.m. | Covering fares + parking
  • Tuesday, Oct. 10 | 6-7 p.m. | Fares only
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11 | 6-7 pm. | Parking only