Sound Transit extends planning phase for Ballard Link Light Rail extension

Sound Transit will be running a few more environmental impact studies to make sure the new Link stations are in the best possible spots.


While the Ballard light rail extension may be a bit farther out in the future, the Eastside stations should be up and running in March 2024.

Photo by Gillfoto via Wikimedia Commons

Well, they say patience is a virtue. Sound Transit will be extending the planning phase for its Ballard Link Light Rail project while it studies the best places for new stations in South Lake Union and the southern area of downtown.

Sound Transit has made the decision to look into alternate locations for those two stations along the Ballard Line after locals raised some concerns about the negative effects the current proposals could cause to the Chinatown-International District and the South Lake Union area.

Proposed locations include:

  • A new Pioneer Square station to replace the proposed second station in the Chinatown-International District
  • Moving the Denny Station northwest to allow a few lanes of traffic along Westlake Avenue North. to remain open during construction

Previously, the Ballard and West Seattle extensions shared a construction timeline, but this change will push back final decisions on the Ballard line’s exact route until 2026.

Note: The Ballard Link Light Rail project includes stations throughout downtown and Magnolia, not just one in Ballard.