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Animal escapes throughout Seattle history

Why is this a thing? Four zebras recently took over North Bend after breaking out of a trailer, and apparently there are several other times odd animals found themselves loose on the streets of Seattle.

Four zebras run down a street in North Bend, Washington. We're all wondering what the drivers in the cars behind the zebras are thinking.

Did anyone’s boss believe this story for why they were late to work?

Screenshot via @jonerick1

Did Marty from “Madagascar” set a dangerous precedent? Four zebras escaped a trailer in North Bend Sunday, April 28 and spent the afternoon climbing through locals’ yards.

Three of them were eventually rounded up after causing quite the commotion, but this isn’t the first time Seattle has had surprising creatures roaming our roads. Here are a few other moments where animals went a little wild.

  • In December 2018, two twin red pandas got out of their Woodland Park Zoo exhibit after the branch they were lying on broke and landed outside the fencing. It took zoo staff 15 hours to get them back.
  • During a 1909 festival in Madison Park, two dogs spooked an elephant that was being led around the grounds, causing it to panic and get away from its handler — breaking several attractions in the process. Only a fruit stand was able to get the poor creature to relax.
  • A python isn’t something you want to stumble across, but if you were in Cowen Park in 2012, could have happened to you after a man’s 6-to-7-foot reticulated python slithered away.
  • 14 million irate bees swarming the masses may sound like something out of a fever dream, but that’s what happened after a semi-truck carrying a shipment of honeybees crashed near Lynnwood in 2015. “Everybody’s been stung,” said Sgt. Ben Lewis of the State Patrol.