Estelita’s Library finishes up expansion project

Sawhorse Revolution helped build a new restroom and storage space for the community library.

A view of two small gray buildings on a wooden patio space. The building on the right has a sign that says "Estelita's Library," with a raised fist lined with pink

Estelita’s Library has been serving the community since 2019.

Photo by Adam Hunter/LMN Architects via @sawhorse.revolution

One cozy reading destination in the Central District just got a tiny bit bigger. Estelita’s Library is finishing up an expansion that adds restrooms and much-needed storage for its books.

The library first opened its physical space in 2019 and has an online bookstore. It aims to make literature on social justice, ethnic studies, and liberation movements more accessible to the community. All books are free (just call ahead) and the org often plans events.

To get its expansion done, Estelita’s Library partnered with another local nonprofit, Sawhorse Revolution, that facilitates construction and design projects led by teens.

It took nearly two years to get the new building set up across from the main library, but the work isn’t over yet. On April 6, Estelita’s is hosting a volunteer work party to help build a landscape with dirt lockers and a stepping stone pathway. All are welcome to join.

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