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What local restuarant would you change your name for a lifetime supply of?

Subway has a new offer for its customers that got us thinking.


At least you know you’d giggle a lot if you changed your name to Dicks.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a lot we would do for some free food — do a silly dance or make a prank call. But changing our legal name? That’s reserved for something special.

This week, Subway offered to give a lifetime of free sandwiches to anyone who has their name legally changed to “Subway.” It’s tempting, but we don’t necessarily love the sandwiches that much.

It did get us thinking, though — which local restaurant could convince us to do a similar stunt? Those of you named Richard would get off easy with Dick’s, and being named Woody’s doesn’t sound too bad. But what about Frelard Tamales? Canlis may make you sound pretentious — but it might be kind of nice.

So, tell us: Which local restaurant would you be willing to change your name for in exchange for a lifetime supply of its food?

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