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Where to find retro and rare candy around Seattle

‘Tis the season for stocking up on sugary treats.

A hand holds up a package of Kit-Kat Fruity Cereal

The brand names may look familiar at The Snackin’ Shack, but the flavors are out there.

As Halloween candy floods store shelves, there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on classics at your local Bartell or Safeway. But we like to kick things a little more old school.

Here are a few shops around the Seattle area where you can find retro and rarer sugary confections. Just try to save some for us.

The Snackin’ Shack, 2916 Hoyt Ave., Everett | The converted garage open on most Sundays through October is as indie as it gets. It sells limited edition items like gingerbread Red Vines — an acquired taste.

Mad Candy, 1130c 34th Ave., Madrona | Would you believe this new shop is run by two dentists? Find unusual gummy candies and pick up a treat for your pup, too.

Old Fashioned Candy Store, 1501 Pike St., Seattle | The name says it all at the Pike Place Market destination with some brands going back to the 50s (just check the expiration date).

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