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Take a stroll through Georgetown’s haunted history

From a ghostly steam plant to a creepy castle.

A view of the Georgetown Steam Plant from the mid-20th century

The Steam Plant totally doesn’t look like the scene from a zombie apocalypse movie, why do you ask?

Photo via Seattle Municipal Archives

There’s something strange in your neighborhood... of Georgetown. That’s right, Ghostbusters, one of Seattle’s oldest enclaves may also be its eeriest, with a history of haunts dating back more than a century.

Let’s peek cautiously behind a few corners to see what’s lurking.

The Steam Plant

Built by the Seattle Electric Company in the early 20th century, this esteamed national landmark is open to the public every second Saturday of the month. But visitors beware…

Paranormal investigators have spied a mysterious presence in the catwalk above the boiler. There have also been reports of equipment and gears starting for no reason — weird.

Jules Maes Saloon

Georgetown’s venerable dive bar is a lively spot — though there may be an undead element, too. Some folks have sighted the apparition of a female wearing an elegant gown hanging near the restrooms.

Considering the Saloon’s rough-and-tumble history, it’s a little surprising that a high society ghost would settle down there. Hope she checked her hem for toilet paper stuck to it.

Georgetown Castle

The Gessner Mansion is more of a fancy house than a castle, but there’s an element of gothic horror to it. According to lore, the privately-owned building was originally built by a blackjack dealer named Peter Gessner in 1902, who died under suspicious circumstances.

Some believe Gessner died by drinking poison after his wife left him for a chicken farmer. Others think he may have been murdered. In either case, Gessner may be just one of dozens of spirits residing at the home, with reports of disembodied voices echoing through the halls.

Not fully creeped out yet? Then watch video from a recent haunted steamplant tour — and don’t forget about the Georgetown Morgue, which is a full-fledged haunted house open for visits, if you dare.