How to file if you want to run for office in Seattle

You’re going to want a good calendar and maybe a manager.


This could be your new office if you play your cards right.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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If you’re really looking to have an impact on your community, ever think about running for a local office?

The Seattle City Council is in the middle of its 2023 election cycle where seven council seats are up for grabs. There is still time to join the race, if you were considering it.

Here’s what filing to run for office looks like, whether you’re looking to step in or just want insight about the process.

Getting started

Before you start creating those buttons and flyers, there are a few key administrative tasks to take care of.

If this all feels overwhelming, think about finding a campaign manager to help you stay on track and ensure you don’t miss any steps. There are also other resources online to get you going.