Mocktails to try during Dry January in Seattle

If you’re abstaining from alcohol this month, you can still find tempting libations.

A glass of the green-colored Vegan Shark at Kamp Social House in Seattle.

Kamp’s Vegan Shark is a no alcohol, no dairy treat.

Photo via @kampseattle

If your resolution is to participate in Dry January, we’re pouring out the next round.

The popular month-long challenge is about abstaining from alcohol. But if you’re (understandably) tired of downing soda at happy hour, there are tons of other options.

Here are five mocktails to sample around Seattle that are so great, you just might order them all year long.

  • Vegan Shark at Kamp Social House | This Seedlip-based concoction is lean and green with crushed cucumber and muddled snap peas.
  • Crystalline Dreams at Stampede | Grapefruit juice with a fig vanilla balsamic reduction makes our mouths water just writing it.
  • Talking & Not Talking at Baker’s | The “Best In Show"-inspired drink list includes this hemp-based refreshment accompanied by guava.
  • Black Pom Pom at Canon | Don’t you love saying sasafras? The old school aromatic is used in this berry flavorful pomegranate drink.
  • Tropical Fare at Otter on the Rocks | Coconut orgeat made in house plus pineapple equals staycation.
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