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Guide to Seattle non-alcoholic beer and hop water

No booze, no problem.

A brown non-alcoholic ale at Figurehead Brewing in Seattle, WA

Figurehead made an NA brown ale and is now working on a rye pale.

Photo via Figurehead Brewing

Tasty beer without alcohol is not a Sasquatch-like myth. In Seattle, craft breweries are getting in on the low or no-ABV action, making sure those abstaining from booze are not limited to national brands like O’Doul’s.

With a $22 billion non-alcoholic (NA) global beer industry expected to grow to $40 billion by 2032, expect even more local breweries to hop onto the trend.

Here are just some of the bubbly options that abound right now.

NA all the way

Creating a true-blue non-alcoholic beer is a bit complex. Brewers use the same basic ingredients and early brewing process, but commonly stop the fermentation process before it produces all that booze (or remove it afterward). There are only a couple of Seattle spots where you can find the results.

  • Figurehead’s rotating selection | From a brown ale to a stout, this brewery near Fisherman’s Terminal takes its NA experiments seriously and even reveals recipes on its blog.
  • Fremont’s NA IPA | One of the newer editions to the scene is made with Citra hops. However, the brewing process was contracted out to Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, WI.

Hopping to it

To be clear, hop water is a lot different than non-alcoholic beer. Hops — the green flowering plants that give many beers like IPAs their flavor + aroma — are steeped in water, which is then carbonated. No fermentation process means no alcohol.

Hop water is more seltzer-like than alcohol-free IPAs and ales — but the flavors may still appeal to beer fans.

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