Places to leap in Seattle for Leap Day

Try skydiving, paragliding, or get the most leaps per dollar spent at a trampoline park.


If you’re looking for a “once in four years” experience, paragliding would be quite the adventure.

Today’s a special day folks — one that only happens every four years. It’s February 29 or — drum roll, please — Leap Day.

It’s a pretty special day that started in the 1500s to keep our dates and seasons reasonably aligned. Currently, if we weren’t practicing leap years, we’d be about 501 days ahead of schedule. So, today would have actually been Monday, July 14, 2025, which would make for a very yucky July day.

In celebration of the fact that we avoided that weird experience, here are a few other ways you can take a leap in Seattle.


We can certainly take a leap of faith here and say that gliding down the hill from PooPoo Point with Seattle Paragliding will give you an excellent view of the local forests. Or take a course with Northwest Paragliding School so you can do it as much as you want on your own.

A person in a red jumpsuit and helmet hovers in the air and a spotter stands behind inside a glass-walled circular chamber.

Indoor skydiving might be a good option for those who fear heights.

Photo by iFLY


Call this sport the “mother of all leaps” because you’ll have to be pretty committed to the bit to take this jump. But for the adrenaline junkies out there, Skydive Snohomish prides itself in being “consistently rated as one of the best places in the world to go skydiving.” And if you’re looking for the same effect without the terror, you can go indoor skydiving at iFly Seattle.

Trampoline Park

To get the best deal for leaps per dollar spent, you’ll want to head to one of Seattle’s trampoline parks. There’s SkyZone in Tukwila that also has trampoline dodgeball and a big swing; Elevated Sportz in Bothell has a laser maze + ninja course.

Or, if you’d like to take a romantic leap, check out our guide to local date night ideas.