Where to find the coveted Stanley cups in Seattle

The brand has its headquarters in town.

A Stanley Quencher water bottle in light pastel colors on a wood table

Stanley re-released its 40-oz Quencher Adventure series in 2021.

Photo via Stanley

No need to bottle it any more — we’re surrendering to the current viral craze that has a 111-year-old outdoor gear brand with local ties at its center.

Stanley cups are rather sturdy stainless steel cups that have caught the attention of young’ns because of the number of colors the cups come in. Kids are lining up to score limited edition versions that match their outfits. One $50 cup was reportedly re-listed online for $29,000. Wowza.

Thankfully, we’re totally ahead of the trends. The Stanley company was founded on the East Coast in 1913, but later purchased by Seattle-based Pacific Market International in 2002.

Looking for help to get you the latest cool cup? Check out Stanley’s map to plan out your hunt or check these retailers:

  • REI | Quencher models in turquoise + orange
  • Evo | Quenchers, IceFlow FlipStra, and tumblers
  • Ascent Outdoors | Pints + mugs in stock
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