History of Seattle Center’s International Fountain

Oh, spray can you see? In our ongoing monthly series about the 1962 World’s Fair, we’re taking a moment to appreciate Seattle Center’s International Fountain. ⛲

The majestic structure that syncs up water jets with music was built for the Century 21 Exposition 60 years ago, but was revamped + replaced in 1995. It continues to be a popular attraction near the Space Needle — particularly for those who want to splash around on hot summer days. ☀️

More fountainous facts:

  • The design was originally meant to represent themes of space exploration + mimic the lunar surface.
  • It has a 9,000 gallon capacity.
  • A three-month renovation that replaced 56 jets + installed new LED lighting was completed in July.
  • All of the water goes through three types of filters + Seattle Center bills it as “probably the cleanest in the city.”
  • James Whetzel, the DJ who came up with the fountain’s music mixes for 26 years, recently retired — the search is still on for his replacement.

Want to hear some of the fountain’s soothing playlists from the past? Soak ‘em up. 🎼

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