What to do about Seattle’s ‘toilet rats’

King County’s health department has advice — and so do we.

An illustration of a woman shutting a toilet seat closed

It appears this woman is grimacing, not smiling. We can’t blame her.

Illustration via Public Health Insider

Gahhhh, this is going to haunt our dreams (and bathroom breaks).

King County’s Public Health Insider blog recently published a cartoon about what to do in case you find a rat in your toilet. It includes advice like “try to stay calm” (fat chance) and “close the toilet” (sure thing).

Apparently, toilet rats are a thing around these parts, particularly during periods of heavy rain when currents from overflowing sewer systems may drop those critters in odd places. Lucky us.

We appreciate Public Health’s guidance via fun illustrations. But we wanted to add some other practical steps to take in case you come across rodents infiltrating your porcelain throne.

  • Leave and barricade the door.
  • Pack your bagsthis is the rat’s house now.
  • Go on Zillow or Redfin and search for homes that include amenities like “toilets that don’t connect to city sewer line.”
  • Never watch “Ratatouille” in the same light again.
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