Mayor Harrell and Kevin Durant get Sonics comeback talk going again

Let’s check the buzz-o-meter.

An old fashioned car carries Seattle SuperSonics coach Lenny Wilkens during a victory parade in 1979

Seattle had a parade when the Sonics won the NBA title in 1979.

Photo via Seattle Municipal Archives

Here we go again, hoop dreamers. There’s been another round of “the Sonics are coming back” excitement this week after pointed comments from some VIP fans.

During his State of the City address, Mayor Bruce Harrell said that he stands “ready to do whatever it takes to bring back the green and gold.” Since the NBA is already playing preseason games at Climate Pledge Arena, he thinks the city seems primed for a Sonics return and would add the item to his Downtown Activation Plan.

Meanwhile, former Sonics star Kevin Durant (who played his rookie year in Seattle before the franchise moved to Oklahoma City) also expressed renewed interest in a revival. Durant said he would love to “help run the team” when he retires — maybe his most emphatic endorsement yet.

With all that talk, it’s time to take a look at the Sonics comeback buzz-o-meter again — that needle is really starting to move.


The tension is killing us.

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