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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos moves out of Seattle

He’s headed to sunny Miami after calling the Pacific Northwest home for almost 30 years.

Jeff Bezos is pictured against a wall of greenery as he speaks during the Grand Opening of the Amazon Spheres in downtown Seattle.

Bezos grants Seattle another one of our staple landmarks — the Amazon Spheres.

Photo via Seattle City Council

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Have fun in Florida, man — Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that he’s moving to Miami after ~30 years of PNW livin’.

Bezos for a long time has been both the Seattle area’s richest resident (the title now belongs to Bill Gates — surprise, surprise) and one of our most famous public figures. Though he explained that he’s moving to be closer to his parents and Blue Origin work, Bezos also seems to be pretty sentimental writing, “Seattle, you will always have a piece of my heart.”

Regardless of how you feel about the online retail giant, Bezos and Amazon have had quite the influence on our city with about ~65,000 people employed locally.

Garage beginnings

If Bezos is feeling wistful, he may be remembering some of his more humble roots in the area.

  • Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994 in Bezos’ Bellevue garage as an online book retailer. He thought these would be the most profitable item to start with.
  • Amazon’s first campus was established in 2007 in South Lake Union with 11 buildings.
  • The Amazon Spheres opened to the public on January 30, 2018.

You’re going to miss us

We understand it’s time for Bezos to move on, but Miami is about as different of a city you can get from Seattle considering the weather, culture, and geographic placement. Here are a few other things we know Jeff won’t be able to find down there.

  • Flannels — time to switch those out for flip flops
  • Mountains — just the beach sounds boring, tbh
  • Seasons — Summer all of the time is going to get old.

So, bon voyage, Bezos — though it sounds like we may see you again soon if the Seahawks go on sale.

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