Bellevue teen Angela Zhang tees off in the US Women’s Open Championship

Angela is one of the sport’s most exciting phenoms.

Golfer Angela Zhang in a bright pink shirt and white hat follows through with a swing on an iron.

Angela Zhang is the youngest player at the US Women’s Open Championship.

Photo via Washington Golf/Oliver McKenna

If you’re impressed with local golfer Angela Zhang, join the club.

Hailing from Bellevue, the 14 year-old (yeah, you read that right) is competing in the prestigious US Women’s Open Championship this weekend at Pebble Beach.

This will be Angela’s first-ever professional event, although she’s already racked up a whole bunch of accomplishments as an amateur player.

She was the youngest player to compete at the Washington Women’s Amateur tournament (winning the last two), and holds a record at the Home Course in DuPont, Washington.

Going against pros in the Women’s Open Championship will be tough, but nothing seems to phase this eighth-grader. Consider that Tiger Woods didn’t compete in his first PGA tournament until the ripe old age of 16. Pshhhh.

You can watch Angela tee off in the first round at Pebble Beach today at 2:46 p.m., streaming on Peacock and later on the USA Network.

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